Why us

Our philosophy

We live in an era of continuous change, constant disruption, unprecedented since the dawn of time. Humanity faces unique challenges. Industries are transforming to adapt to these challenges and ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. The same is true for agriculture.

  • Increasing environmental and climate challenges are adversely affecting crop quality, coupled with a lack of global food availability. There’s an increased need to guarantee a steady supply of consistent, superior, high-quality crops throughout the year
  • We must protect our produce from chemical and biological agents which affect taste and flavour and respond to societies increased health concerns. People deserve to know what they’re really eating. Solving safety and health issues is going to be essential. There is a rising trend in society that favours food products produced as pure as possible, exactly as nature intended

Future Crops was founded on this basis to respond to the growing challenges in agriculture by offering consistent, high-quality, delicious produce all year round, completely free of pesticides. We’re working to prepare the world for the future.

At Future Crops, we are constantly looking at ways to achieve this. Our research-oriented agronomists are finding new ideas and solutions and innovative ways to grow highly aromatic quality products.

Benefits of our system

Soil is the key

Plants and crops are nurtured by being rooted to the soil. It’s the key to growing plants that are packed with maximum taste and flavour, exactly as nature intended.

Zero pesticides

Our clean grown plants are pesticide free. It is one of our core values and the way in which we farm.

Proof from Wageningen

We’ve developed a new farming system and we’re continuously investing in R&D. We monitor, inspect, optimize, research and repeat. It’s an iterative process. We built the farm, applied our new agricultural techniques and created the perfect growing conditions, with zero pesticides or hydroponics. After this we submitted our crops for testing at Wageningen University.

Benefits validated by research

  • Superior quality in terms of taste, colour, flavour, shelf life and presentation
  • Clean label: 100% pure and natural, zero pesticides, no chemicals and no biological agents. We do use fertilizers
  • Consistency: grown consistently all year round, completely independent of environmental or other external factors
  • Plant safety: minimal human intervention, dramatically reducing plant contamination

We have a vision