Pure products

Our herbs have many differing properties. The taste, texture, aroma and shape can be used to augment flavours in both subtle and bold ways reflecting the diverse cuisines across the globe.

Below are our thoughts on some of the distinguishing traits of those herbs:


Flavour salad dressings, chicken marinades or enrich your bruschetta and pastas… basil puts the spring back into your step.


Freshly chopped on to squash soup, stirred into your tartar sauce… delicious dill will elevate any dish.


Freshen up scrambled eggs, accentuate roast beef with chimichurri… fresh parsley plays a versatile role within the culinary ecosystem.


An essential ingredient in pizzas, pasta sauces and grilled meats. Keeping your feet on the ground and your head in the sky.


Add it to fresh fruit salad, homemade mojitos or even tea… mint will stimulate your senses.


Sparingly add to meat and poultry stuffing or complement your favourite citrus cocktails… sage will take you to exotic, faraway places.


Spice up meat dishes, garnish your fish… coriander is the jewel in the crown, adding spice to your life.


Sprinkle it on to potato salad; mix it with your favorite creamy sauce… chives enlivens every plate.

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