Proof of quality

BRC & GLOBALG.A.P & ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ certified

Future Crops is a proud recipient of the BRC & GLOBALG.A.P. & ‘Onthe way to PlanetProof’ Certificates. This acknowledges that we guarantee and maintain the highest standards in food safety, traceability, we’re environmentally friendly and we value our worker’s health, safety and welfare.

BRC certificate
GLOBALG.A.P. certificate
‘On the way to PlanetProof’ certificate

Clean label

Our plants are clean-label products. Clean label provides transparency for our customers by listing the natural ingredients on the label. Our products are 100% pure and natural. They do not contain any chemical or biological agents. We do use fertilizers that give our plants the nutrients they need to help them grow.


Our plants are grown with a consistent methodology. We’ve defined an individual plant profile for each plant type, so that they can flourish all year round, independently of any environmental conditions or any other external factors. By treating our plants with the utmost care consumers can enjoy a far longer shelf life of their favourite produce.


We safeguard our plants by keeping human intervention to a minimum and we’re totally pesticide free. This dramatically reduces plant contamination and offers safer food consumption.

Feel free to contact us for test reports and certificates