Strategic partnerships and collaborations are an integral part of who we are. We love to work with people and organisations that are passionate about agriculture and want to create a sustainable future for the next generation and beyond.

Nature’s Pride

Nature’s Pride supplies over 250 unique fruit and vegetables from 70 countries. From Ready-to-Eat and exotic fruit and vegetables to the delicious berries and off season products. Together with our partners we make a difference every day. The quality of our products is a result of many factors. From the passion of the grower, our dedicated employees and our unique expertise in the ripening of fruit to an appealing presentation on our customers shelves. This is how we make sure we supply optimum quality fruit and vegetables and our end users can enjoy them every day.

Agriculture Research Organization – Volcani Institute

We’ve partnered with Agriculture Research Organization (ARO), one of the world’s leading agricultural research institutes. ARO is responsible for Plant Sciences, Plant Protection, Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering and Postharvest and Food Sciences.

ARO strives to develop new and unique agricultural techniques, holds many registered agricultural patents and has developed breeding processes that produce their own unique seeds.

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