How we grow

How we do it

We grow our produce in an indoor, fully controlled vertical farm. We utilise the soil in a smart and sustainable way supported by our roof installed solar panels, delivering natural and clean energy.

We take the best from nature’s methods and combine them with cutting-edge technology. Smart LED lights, sophisticated irrigation systems, carefully regulated climate controlled rooms help us create the perfect growing conditions for our plants.

Our team of passionate agronomists are the heart of everything we do. Within our on-site highly advanced R&D centre they constantly strive for the optimal conditions that delivers the most clean and pure products as nature intended.

Vertical Single Plant Optimization

Future Crops’ mission is to produce pure, clean and deliciously fresh products. We achieve this by applying our Vertical Single Plant Optimization (VSPO) process, developed by our highly skilled research team.

It’s a fully automated system fostering crops grown in climate-controlled, multi-layer buildings supported by special chambers, with LED lighting and advanced technology, creating the perfect conditions for each and every herb according to its needs.

Products grown within the VSPO environment will enjoy significantly longer shelf life, providing consistent & superior quality, all year round, anywhere in the world. Pesticide free, our vertical farm is optimized to live up to the highest hygiene and safety standards to ensure the health and integrity of our produce.

It works!

Future Crops grew from the heart and passion of our agronomists. As a result we’ve created fantastic produce that enjoys a longer shelf life, has a far greater taste, is visually stunning and completely fresh.

Wageningen University tested our produce and their findings exceeded our expectations. We are happy to share the results of the Wageningen tests with you. For more information please get in touch.

What can we do for you?

Within our specially designed R&D labs and with our dedicated team of researchers, ‘The Future Crops Tailor-Made Programme’ offers the opportunity to develop and run experiments in collaboration with our customers to solve their agricultural pain points.