Growing process

Future Crops grows its produce by vertical farming. We use the methods nature taught us and combine them with cutting-edge technology. By investing time in research, agronomy and farming, we’ve created a new way of cultivating crops. This process involves the following major steps.

Soil and roots

We believe the core and beginning of a plant starts in its roots. Plants are nurtured by what’s in their soil, and our agronomists have invested a tremendous amount of R&D into developing the best soil for our plants, inspired by nature.


Seeds and baby plants

Some plants start as a seed, some are grown from small branches taken from mother plants which we keep in special rooms at our vertical farm. Both start life with careful, loving selection and planting. This is all done in house so we can guarantee the highest quality standards.


Creating optimal growing conditions

The plants start off in special nursing rooms, where we use LED lights and optimal temperature and humidity levels to create the perfect growing conditions for the first growth phase. As we don’t use any pesticides, our farm is optimized to high safety and hygiene standards to ensure the health of all of our plants.

Ready for harvest

When the plants are grown to their full level of maturity, rich in flavour and visually appealing, only then do we carefully harvest these plants. We minimize human intervention to avoid any damage to our plants by deploying automated systems.

Automatic packing

Before our crops are packed the quality control team visually check our produce ensuring they adhere to our highest standards. Only then are they permitted to be sent to our automatic packing line.

Wageningen University’s best performing herbs

The herbs grown today on our farm in Poeldijk are tested by Wageningen University. Our farming and production methods are a proven concept: our herbs by far have the longest shelf life and freshness score and the highest taste and visual inspection ratings.

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