Product Benefits

All Future Crops products benefit from superior plant quality in terms of taste, colour, flavour, and shelf life.

They’re clean label, which means they’re 100% pure and natural, with zero pesticides, no chemicals and no biological agents. We do use fertilizers to support plant growth.

For each plant, we’ve crafted an individual plant profile that allows us to cultivate our crops accurately and consistently all year round, completely independent of environmental or other external factors.

We’ve also fine-tuned our growing process to create produce that has a 50% to 150% longer shelf life and our plants grow with minimal human intervention, dramatically reducing plant contamination and guaranteeing maximum food and plant safety.

Supply chain Benefits

We can grow anywhere, anytime globally. We’re able to simulate almost every natural climate condition that our plants desire, so we’re not hampered by seasonal or geographical limitations.

We guarantee stable, top-quality delivery 24/7 365 days a year. Our crops are grown on very short cycles, around 20 days from incubation to harvest! This allows us to be flexible and quick to respond to changes in supply and demand supporting supply chain fluctuations.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality production standards. We’re proud to have earned one of the first GLOBALG.A.P. certificates for vertical farming.

We provide full traceability and controls, giving you transparency about each link in the supply chain. We guarantee that our products will always meet our high quality standards, every step of the way.

Our production units are all based in Europe, which radically simplifies the supply chain, keeping costs down and making it easier to get our products from farm to table.

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