About us

Future Crops uses technology and sophisticated agricultural expertise to grow crops in a fully controlled environment. We use breakthrough technologies that are tailored-made to our vertical farm. We offer the purest, cleanest products that are completely pesticide free, with a longer shelf life and consistent flavour from the same source. We stay true to what Nature intended.

Read about the Future Crops vision and learn about our growing process.

Our facility

Future Crops is located at ABC Westland in Poeldijk, the heart of agriculture in the Netherlands, just an hour drive from Amsterdam. This area is the Dutch centre for greenhouse horticulture, close to the Port of Rotterdam where all the links in the agri-food supply chain are represented.

(ABC Westland website)

Some quick facts about our facility

  • First soil-based vertical farm in Europe
  • One of the three largest vertical farms in the world
  • More than 8,000 potential square metres of production area
  • 30 times more yield per square metre
  • High levels of automation
  • Nine different climate zones
  • 16,000 solar panels installed on our roof
  • Advanced water recycling infrastructure
  • Al growing process are in-house
  • Test lab centre – one of the largest in Europe

Understand our vision